TORCHCITY: The Only All-in-One Bulb Smart Home Security Kit

Smart home life, made simple! Torchcity has everything you need and more: 360 Panoramic camera. Wireless LED lighting. Six key sensors.

Making our homes smarter shouldn’t be rocket science.
At Torchcity, we envision smart homes to be the future living and should be as easy as installing a light bulb.
So ditch all the different devices and let Torchcity take care of the rest so you can start enjoying the benefits of Smart Home living!

Key product features:
• Air Quality Monitoring
• Security Management System
• Motion Radar & Mobile Wireless Control
• 7-day Weather Forecast
• Auto (Color) Lighting
• Temperature & Humidity Senor
• Real-time Smoke/Gas Detection & Alarm System
• 360-degree Panoramic Camera and Speaker

With just one simple device, you can easily own all the functions you need for smart home living.

From the front door to backyard, terrace to basement. With just a touch of a button on your smartphone Torchcity can learn about your environment based on sensor data and display detailed surveillance scene.

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