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As I write to you with tears billowing from my eyes. My wish is that Tiger gets to live out his full life and not be taken due to financial burden. Tiger, cuddly, energetic, goofy all the above but the ferocious nature his name presents. He is a 21lb Yorkie Bischon my family received from my Aunt about 9 years ago. He has been in perfect health up until yesterday. Last night, at 11:30 pm I was awoken by strenuous panting from my pup. He then proceeded to sit on me letting me know that he is in distress. His breathing was very irregular and he was lethargic so we brought him into the Emergency Vet in Rochester. His physical exam displayed some muttering from his lungs. An X-ray was done and he was diagnosed with a pneumothorax, pulmonary bulla on his L lung. This is an air sac on his lung, filling up with air between his lung and chest cavity making it difficult to breath. He has been through a lot and still has so much love yet to give. There is a surgical procedure that can remove this bulla and with great prognosis for living out a full life. However, after discussing with family the financial means are just not feasible. I have worked tiredlessly since last night searching out all my options. I refuse to give up on my boy! I have never felt so hopeless knowing this surgery can save him, yet I can’t provide. I am struggling each day watching him having a difficult time breathing and am missing that spunky personality. I want my happy healthy boy back and this surgery can do just that. Financially I will do whatever I can for Tiger, but need to reach this goal in such a short time I would be forever grateful for those that can help during this time. All money donated will be used toward the CT Scan, surgery and after care/respiratory monitoring following the surgery. It is unknown how long Tiger can manage healthy respiration under these conditions so we need to move fast with funding. We have a check up in 3 days with our primary vet.

Tiger is my first and only pet and I would be ever so grateful for whatever help you can provide us. I know he would be too. He’s really mising being active, running and walking outside, chasing squirrells and rabbits and holding his head high out the car window.

Much appreciation,