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He goes by Mell, this friend of mine since he was born has been in the projects, gone through a divorce was abused by his dad and stepmom was starved and his mom was an unsolved murder case and his dad doubted him and despite the hardships and punishing this guy took, he accomplished his goals, his dad said he wasn’t even gonna graduate and he graduated with a 3.7 and was accepted to GCU ASU NAU and U of A. And I apologize for the poor sentencing but I could go on and on about what he went through but that doesn’t matter because he overcame it. After his junior year of highschool his dad kicked him out of his house for no good reason at all, for the 3 years that he was with his dad, his dad kept social security money from his moms death from him his twin brother and his little sister. 62,742 dollars were kept from taking care of them. He was locked in a room, forced to eat 2 sandwiches 3 times a day for about 2 years. Hit by his dad and stepmom even though he was a great kid and didn’t cause any trouble and I would greatly appreciate it if u gave him money for college like tuition, sports hidden fees food and miselaneous items.