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The Story of Ann & Earl FREE GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

The lives of Ann & Earl Jeffery represent the American Dream. Two determined individuals who grew up in rural Vacherie Louisiana, moved to Los Angeles, and raised a family of seven through some of the most incredible times and occurrences in American history. The purpose of this campaign is to write a book journaling their history, struggles, and successes; their Story. The project includes the need for genealogical and historical research, interviews of those in both Louisiana and Los Angeles who influenced their lives, and the creative writing necessary to tell their powerful Story that will hopefully inspire you, and generations to come. The book would be a timely addition as a means of showing how commitment, love, and faith can conquer all. It has been my dream for many years to share the beauty and passion of their lives, and with your support I can accomplish this goal. Please give and please share this campaign. Any size donation is highly appreciated to see this to completion.

A portion of the net proceeds (totaling 30%) from the book will be donated to the education system in Vacherie, Louisiana as well as to Cancer and Alzheimer’s research.

The Expenses

Genealogy Research ~$3500
Historical Research ~ $3500
Creative Writing/Editing/Illustration ~$13,000