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The first personal, portable toning device that offers variable resistance and balanced toning in BOTH the "IN" and "OUT" strokes.

So small that it fits into a woman's purse.

Quiet and discrete, you can tone yourself at work, in the car, on a plane or at home on the couch.

Tone your inner and outer thighs, your biceps/triceps, your chest and back, and any other muscle groups you can manage.

Check it out !!

The Microflex is a portable, personal toning device.  This UNIQUE product was inspired by a common bike pump, It uses restricted air pressure to provide resistance, on the compression "in" stroke, AND the tension "out" stroke, ensuring a BALANCED toning workout unheard of anywhere in the marketplace.

It has a patented design that enables VARIABLE resistance with a simple turn of a knob.  Change the resistance as you see fit, for your arms, legs, chest, whatever...then just FLEX-IT.

It is so small, it can fit into a woman's purse.  Its quiet operation allows toning of your thighs and hips while at work, it fits underneath the desk. NO ONE will ever know you are using it!  Use it in the car, on extended flights, at home on the couch.  Why NOT?  When finished, stash it away, it takes up virtually no space.

The Microflex is a toning device.  The more you use it, the better you are working those muscle groups, the more calories you burn, the toner you should get.  It is designed for EASE OF USE, for multiple exercises, working multiple muscle groups.  It's so easy, I am confident you will use it all the time, and in places you would never imagine.  Just strap it on, and FLEX-IT.

The Microflex is fully patented with the U.S. Government.  We have spent countless hours in design, evaluation, engineering,  and discussion in order to bring a fully functional, quality product to market.  After significant investment in time, energy and money, we have a product that we are proud of.  We know it works, because we put the effort into making it work.

It is now time to take this exciting project, The Microflex, to market so everyone can enjoy the many health and fitness benefits its potential has to offer.

With the help of our Kickstarter partners we intend to accomplish the following:

1.  Design and creation of the machine tooling, and molds necessary to manufacture the product,

2.   Packaging design and implementation,

3.   Securing prompt and reliable shipping,

4.   Establishing comprehensive and select marketing channels for     access and distribution to the happy consumer.

We are very excited to bring this project to Kickstarter, and welcome your interest, your comments, and certainly, your generous donations/investments.  We thank you in advance for your valued assistance.

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