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We are removing our earlier post and replacing it with this update. We are devastated to say that our sweet and loving Handsome passed away, peacefully at home, at 3pm on 11/7/18.

After a long search for help and finding nobody, Sun Valley Hope Animal Hospital of Glendale, AZ told us they would see Handsome. After some consideration and some x rays, Dr. Hugh Giffords DVM,( Sun Valley Hope Hospital) informed us of the treatment that would be needed. During our conversation, hearing all we had to say about Handsome’s symptoms, we were told that we should take Handsome home and love on him for 24 to 48 hours to really think about what option we wanted to choose. Upon our return home, we brought Handsome to one of his favorite room in the house (of course it has to be the bathroom!) and made him comfortable. We kissed him and told him we would be right back.Within minutes of us leaving the room, Handsome took his final steps into Heaven. #helpthehandsomecat


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