The Bice Family

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Hi my name is Cory. I am the father of that boy Alex and the husband of Jessica, the mother. We had recently moved to our house in 2016 both Jessica and I had jobs when we applied however when her work found out she was pregnant with our child they fired her due to her light duty restrictions. So I picked up an extra job to support our family. 3 months later I injure my foot at work. Due to light duty restrictions I was let go at my second job “McDonald’s”. Lucky enough I still had the job I injured myself at. So we lived on only my income. Eventually Hurricane Irma hit us in 2017 and I was out of work for a whole month. I got the forebearance but it built up so much that now I cannot get caught up. To make things worse i been going through my mortgage company filling out forms to get a refinance going and see other options they can do for me for a total of 7 almost 8 months I believe by now. Everytime they say I missed out a paper or they didn’t receive it even with me faxing the paperwork multiple times and emailing the paper work as well as sending it through mail. Plus every payment of a regular mortgage cost I sent was denied and sent back to me because the company either wants the whole amount due or half of the cost Now and payments on top of the mortgage every month until fully caught back up. Now three days ago I got a paper stating they didn’t receive everything again so there is nothing they can do for us. And today they sent a paper stating they are moving my mortgage to another lender in Texas. So I’ve been very hesitant in hopes of getting this sorted out and we’re getting ready to be evicted so I’m asking from my heart, please help my family and I to get back on our feet to embetter our child and the one we just recently found out about. God bless.

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