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TeamBabySmith MiracleBaby :IVF FUND

Hello Everyone,
Our names are Rosha (28) & Daniel Smith (32). We are what they call love at 1st sight. Since Dec. 2002. We married March 1st 2013. We met one another while Daniel was on Leave from the Navy. I knew one day I was going to marry THIS man. From child sweet hearts to a happily married couple that we are now has been ONE of the greatest blessings in our lives that has ever happened to one another. We’ve climbed mountains, been threw journeys, trials and tribulations that most relationships can never conquer. What I can say about US, is that we are two dedicated, smart, loving, intelligent, achieving, working, outgoing, compassionate, supporting, courageous, and interesting one of a kind human beings.

Many people I know doesn’t know what I feel like to not be able to have a child, one that will love you first, the feeling of being a mother, a child of your own, the love a child gives you back, the touch, the feeling inside the womb I can’t wait to experience, the first test that comes back positive feeling, the feeling of carrying and delivering a baby is all a wish and a dream I think about every day. To watch a child of your own learn, grow, cry, smile, hug you, call you mom, be the one they run to for anything, that first moment you look into your babies eyes when he placed in your arms. It emotionally tears me apart inside. To have a child means so much to us and our family and it will just be the greatest blessing to us. The greatest gift from god next to life itself. I am so ready and excited to experience this journey words cannot explain.

I have never been pregnant. But since I was 18 years old I have always wanted a baby and me and Daniel have tried and never had a baby of our own. I never started putting effort into seeing what was wrong up until 2012. My issues are #1 the main problem is my fallopian tubes keep scaring up and closing. They are blocked. It’s called Fallopian tube obstruction. I have had two procedures done called hysterosalpingogram in 2012 & 2016. I have also had a Laparoscopy done in between in July 2015.
#2 cysts on my ovaries. They come and go.
With the procedures I had done I thought I was okay and could now conceive on my own but that wish didn’t come true. My tubes will keep closing back up. IVF is the only hope and safest way I have to succeed in having our own baby. Our chances are really good.

I am working with Dr. Bopp with Midwest Fertility Specialists in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We can ONLY DO IVF (Abbreviation is what they call In Vitro Fertilization).
Now our insurance DOES NOT cover infertility. This treatment process alone is $10,000.00. SET COST JUST FOR IVF at Midwest. So this will not include any other visits, other procedures, ultrasounds, cryopreservation fees, PGS testing, medicines alone will be an additional 5.5k, trips, gas, and time off of work to go to these appointments.

We are asking for donations to help with the cost. It can be anything every penny counts, every dollar adds up. ANYTHING IS APPRECIATED PLEASE.
So with every step, appointment, procedure, prices, anything along this journey I will keep everyone updated every step of the way, news to me will be news giving to you.

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