Amputee Needs Prosthetic

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Very difficult times

This is very hard for me because I have always
worked hard and earned my way through life, but
suddenly I am in the most difficult situation I
ever imagined.

The year began with a diagnosis of skin cancer
in February. It’s on my face next to my nose.
Surgery was scheduled for March 23rd to remove it
but then came Covid. All surgeries were canceled
that were not life or death. Still have it
because of what came next.

I am not diabetic, but I have lived with
neuropathy for many years. Everything took a
turn for the worse in May of this year. I
developed a bad foot ulcer that became
infected with staph. I had one surgery
to clean it out so it would hopefully heal
and spent a week in the hospital getting
pumped full of antibiotics.

After a month of no progress I was sent back
to the hospital in June. It was determined that there
was not enough good flesh for my foot to heal
plus my bones were infected and beginning to crumble.
I was told that the only way I would walk again
is with a prosthetic. I was admitted again and a
few days later they amputated my foot.

Since then I’ve had a slow healing process. I had
one little spot that did not close up and heal
properly. In July I had to go back in for a third
surgery. Now because of all this lost time trying to heal,
I will be getting fired from my job on September 30th.
It will be the end of my FML. At that time I will also lose
my insurance before I will be ready for a prosthetic.
My medical bills are already piling up and I don’t know how
I can possibly pay for everything if I can’t get back to work.
A prosthetic alone can cost up to $50,000. I also need to
eat and pay for rent and living expenses. My disability pay
stopped in the middle of August.

This is all very difficult for me to deal with. I had a very
athletic youth. The years that followed I enjoyed being
on stage as a musician. Now I can’t even stand or walk.

If anyone can spare a few extra dollars to help me get on my
feet again and get back to work, I would be eternally grateful.

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