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Maxwell Odonkor is a final year student of Pentecost University College, Accra, Ghana, studying Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management option who is eager in entering into farming despite the fact that younger generations are not interested in farming. Maxwell had the idea of starting a poultry farm project. He believes in the power of entrepreneurship – and an entrepreneurial spirit- to tackle global challenges, transform communities, create jobs, spur economic growth and close the opportunity gab that confronts too many people in Africa and around the world.

The Challenge

Getting employment in Ghana has now become tough; and every year thousands of people graduate from tertiary institutions to walk on the street claiming there are no jobs. My research has confirmed that there is a sharp demand for fresh eggs. This offers the opportunity of sustainable income as a scale of eggs provides steady cash flow.


The project when successfully implemented will provide a study income from sixth month as the layers will provide daily eggs. This project will reduce the rate of unemployment in my community by using the income generated to support other passionate entrepreneurs who are eager to enter into the agriculture sector.

Long Term Impact

Agriculture plays a critical role in reducing poverty and achieving economic growth. This project will provide employment and hope for the youth. Their confidence level will increase and become good asset to the community. They will inspire by philanthropy and show humanity towards the community whilst reducing poverty in Africa and beyond.

Location: Begoro in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Funding Requirements:

I currently have the following resources

Distribution van

Resources yet to be purchased pre start up and post start up stage of the project.

Chickens (broilers and layers )
Lighting system
Waste disposable system
Egg creates
Feeds (chicks starters , grower mash, layer mash, broiler starter, broiler finisher)
Egg trays
Pipe for water
Structure development ( free Range system)

To provide for the land preparation, putting up the structure, buying of young chicks, feed, labourers etc., $15,000 will be needed.

I am therefore pleading with you all to support me with any amount. Thanks so much.