Support Rod Edwards And His Battle From COVID-19

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The battle is not over when you survive COVID-19, as the bills could do as much harm as the disease. In March, Rod Edwards tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in him experiencing life-threatening conditions and in the hospital for over 30 days. Rod spent ten days in ICU on a ventilator at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after experiencing shortness of breath and developing pneumonia in his lungs. When the oxygen levels in his blood became too low, the ventilator helped him breathe as his life literally teetered in the balance. As we now know, once a patient is on a ventilator, approximately 80% of those patients never come off. Yet, our dear friend Rod is a true warrior and his fighting spirit allowed him to recover enough to be taken off and eventually released from the hospital into rehabilitative care followed by the care of his loving wife, Nadia, and daughter, Morgan.

However, Rod now desperately needs our love and support. Though Rod is back home recovering with family, he still requires medical care to regain full strength and health. It will be a long and tough road to full recovery and it is unknown when he will be able to resume working. His financial responsibility is a huge obligation and burden to carry alone. As such, we have established The COVID 19 $19 Friends & Family GoFundMe to meet our goal of raising $150,000 to offset his medical bills in full while he makes full recovery.

We need 7895 people to donate a minimum of $19 to the fund.

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