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Support Goddesses Retreat One- Women Vets

WomenGodessWe are a struggling non-profit organization that is in dire need of monetary support to help veteran women or any women needing help transitioning in times when they need it the most. These are among the ever-increasing population of people becoming homeless in America and is where all our hearts and focus should be.

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We had a facility but it wasn’t safe so we had to move out. But through God, some wonderful people believed in our mission in paying forward, (especially to those who have sacrificed their lives), so, therefore, they donated a beautiful home to us.
Right now we are in the process of renovating which needed a complete makeover. Exterior painting, flooring,landscaping, plumbing, permits, etc. ( you name it, there’s a lot of work needed!) We need funds immediately so that we can open our doors as soon as possible.

It would mean a lot to us to be able to help women more and offer the services and programs that will help them chart their next steps moving forward.

We would be eternally grateful for any support that we receive.

A sincere thank you in advance for your help with our mission.

Donate Today!