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Stop Donald Trump 2020 /END ELECTORAL COLLEGE BY 2020 GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

We see first-hand with the 2016 election how the electoral college literally strips away the vote of the common people. This antiquated process must be reformed in order to restore a sense of order to our election process. When the voice of the people is ignored, chaos ensues.

Enter Donald Trump, the posterchild of a chaotic and destructive presidential term.

We cannot chance another 2016, and we must eradicate the Electoral College and/or re-evaluate the precedence of the popular vote when there is a contradiction between the two.

The electoral process cannot remain as is.

It is now time to re-evaluate its use and purpose. Sign the petition today to show your support for ending the current electoral process before the 2020 presidential election. Be the change you seek.

Stand Up and Be Heard!