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My Stars Are Still Shining a memoir by Amina Warsuma and is published. I have been donating money to the Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. I am trying to sell 20,000 copies of my memoir so that I can give half of my proceeds to the Red Cross to help the victims. I released the book on the market just at the time the disaster happened. I live two hours by plane from Texas, Florida, and Mexico so I feel the aftermath. I’m in celebration while being surrounded by everyone else who is suffering and who have lost everything, Rome wasn’t built in a day neither was Texas, Florida which was totally wiped out and will take a year or more to rebuild. The proceeds will go to the Red Cross and I will have the receipt to prove it.
Here is the critique from the editors of Amazon publishing review.

Amina has succeeded in authoring an inspirational memoir about her life as an international fashion model whose life has influenced so many others. Her journey from the tough streets of Harlem to the high-fashion runways of Paris and New York is remarkable.
Companions on Amina’s journey include fashion-world luminaries, movie stars, and renown artist. Quite a contrast with her life as a physically and psychologically abused child.

Please help me with your purchase to help those in need in a large way. If you purchase the book on CreateSpace it’s $20.00 plus tax and shipping.