Stage 3G Cancer, Carcinoma, Small Tumor

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I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in March 2018. I had surgery on June 12th and just had the results come back that I had a small tumor, carcinoma, and Stage 3G. I will go back for followup on July 24 and hopefully my PSA level will be 0.0 if not then I will start radiation therapy for about 3 months daily. They have said that the cancer will probably return with a chance of 50/50.

Right now I am unemployed and no income so I will lose the residency that I am currently living in not being able to cover $1500 mortgage and other living expenses. All State/Local Govt support I don’t qualify because of my age or current status. I don’t qualify for SSI, but do have an appeal for SS Disability but have been told that could take up to 2 years to get it through.

I am currently on Medicaid so I am now incuring expenses from my surgery and before, but my prescriptions are pretty much covered so far. But, all expenses before June to ER, hospital, etc have escalated and I am now late or in collections.

I have other medical issues (i.e. Diabetes Type 2, HBP, Peripheral Neuropathy, and more). Those along with my medications make recovery even longer to heal. I have been told that I will be out 3 or more months at the start but will know more later.

The hard thing is I don’t want to put a burden on family/friends to support me. It is hard since I am in another city all by myself and no support structure by my side. I have no spouse or children (other than furry children) is what I mean since friends/family do support but are not close distance.

I lost my sister last year too cancer, My mom passed last year (her caregiver and not cancer). My older brother has survived melanoma, and my other family lost youngest sister to cancer, and their dad has been battling cancer for 10+ yrs and my dad passed from cancer and Parkinson’s. So cancer has deeply impacted my life and others I love.

These funds will help get me threw and hopefully I can return to work one day.

If you read this I thank you for your time and whether you donate or not PLEASE SHARE my page! I also have a Gofundme page

Love and Prayers to you!
Scott, O’Malley, and Oliver (2 furry children)

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