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Since the birth of modern computers, we have been assured that Artificial General Intelligence, computers with human-level intelligence, are 20 years away at most. Decade after decade the same figure is provided, with no hope on the horizon. That is, until now. Snasci, pronounced ‘Snazzy’, is the world’s first commercial Artificial General Intelligence.

Developed in secret over the last decade, Snasci has resolved each of the major problems in Artificial General Intelligence. Snasci is bringing its technology to the cloud mainly as a form of middleware, that will bring products to life. From intelligent toasters that want to talk about bread and butter issues, to toys that can walk, talk, sing, dance and play, Snasci will be the magic ingredient powering the ‘Internet of Intelligent Things’ (IoIT).

Snasci is a brain, delivered over the internet for swift integration into devices, software, websites, games, toys, etc. Snasci can think, reason, plan, problem solve and converse on a human-level, providing manufacturers and companies with unlimited possibilities with their respective product lines and services.

Snasci is in the processing of migrating its software to the cloud. This will allow hundreds of millions of AI instances to be run all over the globe. To fund this migration, Snasci is following an unconventional path but one increasingly familiar to modern companies. On February 1st 2017, Snasci will begin a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo where we will invite members of the public to fund the first stage of the migration. As rewards for our backers, we will provide early access to Snasci where backers will assist in teaching Snasci to do everything from tell jokes, to playing the guitar.

We have an ambitious goal of delivering a production ready form of Snasci by 2019. This is a very tight schedule, however, Snasci learns very quickly thanks to a new approach to machine learning we term Deep Intelligence. Initially, Snasci’s focus will be geared towards the home entertainment and toy market, rapidly broadening its market scope as Snasci becomes adept at social scenarios involving humans.