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I live in Maryville, TN., which is located in East TN., near the Smoky Mountains National Park. My family has lived here most of my life, since the early 1970’s. I am 53 years old.

I have lived in other places around the country, including Houston, TX. There is an amphitheater North of Houston, in The Woodlands, TX., called, The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. I saw many great concerts there.

Here, in this area of East TN., there is not an amphitheater like the one in The Woodlands, TX., and all of the venues in the Knoxville to Gatlinburg area are small, outdated, and insufficient for large concerts. As a result, the more popular bands just do not come here very often. Sometimes they do, but usually, we have to drive to Nashville, Atlanta, or another city to see the more popular bands of any genre.

I moved back to the Knoxville area in 2003, and I have thought a lot about how wonderful it would be if someone would build a new amphitheater style pavilion here, like the one in The Woodlands, TX., but no one is planning to do so. I want to build an amphitheater here, in East TN., but it would take millions.

Of course, to make it happen, I would need a major business loan. There is no way, at this point, I could get a loan the size I would need. That’s one reason I am trying to raise money through gofundme.

Another reason is, in order to present a real business proposal for this business plan to banks and investors, I need professional architectural drawings, and other professional documents to present to in a business proposal. This is my primary goal, but I would also like to raise the necessary capital to purchase the 20 acres of land that is needed for this venue.

To secure a loan, as the land owner, I plan to use a strategy known as Corporate Sponsorship, which is where a corporation pays for the rights to put their name on the venue. For example, we have several manufacturing plants here in this area, one being Panasonic This is just an example, but if I were able to enter into a contract with that company, the venue could be called, The Panasonic Smoky Mountain Pavilion. That money, for the rights to have a corporate name on the venue, would be put into a Trust, to secure the loan payments.

I am also looking at CrowdFunding as a way to generate startup capital, and there are other ways to raise money. However, to begin with, I am going to start here in an attempt to raise the capital needed to professionally design this project.

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Mark Clements

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