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Hello, I will tell you my story. I’am 28 years old, single mother, have amazing 5 years old daughter. We are not rich, I don’t have rich parents, i don’t have my own home, car and everything else. But i have idea. I studied beautician studies, so I have a dream open my own beauty salon.

I’am already working outbound my country, earning money for this. I’am working every day 15-17 hours, to earn more money. My daughter live with my mother, her grandmother in my country, so she not growing with me, because I all the time working. She going to the kindergarten, as much as we can, we are talking per skype. I miss her a lot, but I have to work. I try to give her everything, what I never had.

She don’t know what is Ipad, Iphone and etc. She have a few toys and it is enough for her, but i know that is not enough, she need bike, more toys and mommy near her. My daughter very smart child. She never asking a lot of candies or other expensive things. She understand that we are not rich.

She know that mommy work, for better life for us. My parents not rich, they are renting small flat, working and growing my daughter. They can’t help me. So I ask this from you. I have a dream open my own beauty salon. This is cost with everything what i need around 40 000 euro. I already have almost half.

I work two years, and the best what I get, was half. I know if I open my business, I can be with my daughter, ear more money, give to her a better life. I want to give her everything what i never had and what I can. I know if I work here about two more years I will earn enough money for my business, but imagine, two more years without daughter, I already not with her two years, and there will be two more years. I do not see how she grew up.

I know that she need me, and I wanna be with here, and there for her. She already don’t have a father, because he left us. I don’t want to, that she don’t have mummy two more years or maybe longer too. So please help us. For better life to my daughter, for us be togethor.

We never want a luxury life, we just want be happy and have business, who will earn us money. I never had use facebook, twiter or anything else, I never want to pretend a luxury life, showing expensive things. I Just working working working, and I keep continue this, but I believe, that everywhere around the world is a lot of good people, who can help us. So please help us be together faster.