Single Mom has to move

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I am a single working  mother who is in desperate need to move outnow I was told today I have 5 months that we have get out today is 7/6/2018 but, I won’t go into much detail, except that my daughter and I are constantly moving one place to another. I would like to get a place so we can call our own.

The funds I will receive will benefit my daughter and I. We will be using the funds towards a two bedroom RV of decent quality for my daughter and I to live in on a lot that I found in a nearby campground. We will also be using the funds towards the lot rent, food, and other supplies we may need.

Any of the funds we receive will be greatly appreciated and will be used to help give my daughter and i, our own place live.PLEASE just don’t like page we need your help. Thank you for taking your time to read this…

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