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Our family is in dire needs of funds to help with sexual abuse case to get help for my family and fight the fight to prevent this from happing again!! I’m so stressed out on how I can afford all this and maintain my sanity as a father. This is the hardest thing I’ve had to do, which is ask for money to help me get the help I need for my family. Insurance does not cover everything sure and the heck does not cover lawyer fees!

People ask why don’t you take a 2nd or 3rd job and I tell them and you this. My body cannot handle the extra hours. I was wounded in combat in 2011 and by back and neck cannot handle it anymore or I would be working 20 hours days like I’ve done in the past to support my family. All my military brothers know this about me.

I don’t have enough equity in my home to do a refinance or I would do that instead. I hope this better explains things below and why I need your help and support and now I’m begging you please help our family with what you can when you can. This is no scam or whatever people may think!!! Ask anyone on my face book page and you will find out that I’m for real and this is a major hurdle in our life that our family needs support with. Thank you so much. I’ll even scan in my last payment to the lawyer so you see this is for real!

What is the money going for?

Mental health doctor ($3,500) just for one person which is not covered by insurance!
Lawyer fees ($50,000) already paid $6,000 which was charged to my credit cards just to start the process!
Medical fees to cover counseling, drugs and state fees for being seen at the state level.
Time off work to be at the hearings and take family to doctors and counseling!
Home school or E-School. Kentucky only accepts two schools and Her GPA is not high enough for the free one. And the Jefferson E-school is $125 per ½ credit. All the other online schools out there are not recognized by Kentucky board of education. She is afraid to attend normal school that is why we need to do the E-school.