Seizure Response Companion

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For 12 years, I worked at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. At some point during that time I was exposed to numerous chemicals and heavy metals and developed a serious seizure disorder.

When it started on May 26, 2016, I was at work when my first Grand Maul struck and I was driven to the company contracted laboratory for drug and alcohol testing and hen dropped off home; of course all the testing results came back negative.

For over the last two years, my seizures have increased dramatically and I have started getting major injuries to my body as it has been wracked. These have included a fractured back, facial scars due to falling through plate glass and receiving 30+ stitches, memory problems and minor concussions on numerous occasions not to mention the ambulance trips and hospital stays. I have attached a link for the local news story.

It has been deemed medically necessary to get a Seizure Response Dog. I am attempting to do this through Little Angles in San Diego, California. I also have a gofundme link provided below as well.

If there are any questions please message me directly and I will answer all. I have not worked since May 26, 2016 and am on SSI, Long Term Disability, have to provide my own health, dental and vision insurance as well as my family (which includes 3 children) 11,9,and 19 months not to mention my fabulous wife.

I am also being forced to Medicare in November of this year. Please donate if possible as I could really use the help.

Thank you,
Bill Evans

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