Save My Angel

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My mother Diana Brock is currently fighting for her life in the battle against breast cancer she is also a type 2 diabetic.This was a hard thing for me to write because my mother has never asked anyone for anything but at this time I had to take matters into my own hands!

My mother has always been so strong and so giving down to opening her home to foster children including myself and my sister which she adopted me and took full custody of my sister! She always been so giving and would give you the shirt of her back if she had too. But at this time her bills are backing up and she can barely afford her medicine and is in jeopardy of losing her home. Right now she is in rehab trying to fight this battle.

A couple months ago she just lost two of her toes and a now is fighting this new battle with cancer ! And because of this she is unable to work or take care of herself ! We are currently in a battle with our leasing office to not evict her from her home especially since when she does come home she won’t have a place to recover or fight her battle.

I hate asking for help but i am only one person and can’t do it all by myself! My mother is my angel and life saver I can’t let her down cause if the shoe was on the other foot she would never let me down! So right now I am asking my family and friends and anyone who care to donate to her cause ! Please help me help my mother !

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