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I live in a very poor area where people don’t have the means to look after their pets properly. The place is overrun with stray cats. Kittens get abandoned constantly. More cats and kittens become homeless due to natural disasters such as typhoons.

Many people would like to have their pets spayed and neutered, wormed, de-flead and inoculated, but the vet clinic is too far away and too expensive. So cats are abandoned and neglected. I try to rescue these cats. I have many at home. Some have received all the proper veterinary attention, but more and more kittens appear all the time. People bring them to me, because they know I will take them in.

The situation is unsustainable. I would dearly love to set up a proper rescue center for cats, but I need help. There are no animal charities active here. The only accessible charity euthanises all kittens by default. We need an organised trap, neuter and release campaign.

Please give generously and help me save these innocent kittens. They deserve better than a short life of misery and a cruel death.