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Ms. Crawford died and left her home to her beloved 2 children.

Ms. Crawford bought and later owned her own home in the late 70″s. That is a big accomplishment for a young African American School teacher.

Ms. Crawford later retired as a school teacher and still sub at various schools in the area. Ms. Crawford later took  a 2nd mortgage out on her home  for repairs.

She was unable to pay the loan back in full before she passed away 2013. The bank would not tell her children anything until they were appointed executives of her estate, so her children were unable to get any information in regard to paying back the loan.

They went to courts, but it is now 2017 and the paper work has still been sitting there. A family member later presented a will that Ms. Crawford had drawn up before she passed away and it gave her children full rights to her property.

Now the bank is trying to foreclose on the house and the family’s are trying to raise the money to save their  mother’s home. Any amount given will be truly helpful. Both children are trying to do what they can to save their mothers home.

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