Round 4 … The Fight of Her Life

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Cristina is a 49 year old wife and mother of two battling breast cancer for the fourth time.

Cris was first diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2002 at the age of 33. Following a lumpectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy she was declared cancer free but just 18 months later the cancer returned. Another lumpectomy and more radiotherapy and she was once again given the all clear, however subsequent genetic testing revealed that she has the BRCA1 gene meaning cancer would always be there lurking in the shadows.

In 2016 the disease returned. This time Cris opted for a double mastectomy, rejecting reconstructive surgery for fear it could mask any future recurrence. After extensive chemotherapy she was given the all clear but her relief was short lived. A month ago Cris discovered that the cancer had returned for a fourth time having now spread to her skull, brain, lungs and liver. She has commenced chemotherapy along with radiotherapy to treat the aggressive tumour in her brain.

Cristina is currently in hospital recovering from a bad reaction to the radiotherapy. With few traditional chemotherapy options left , Cris desperately wants to try immunotherapy. This treatment is delivering some great outcomes with her type of cancer overseas but is unfortunately not yet listed on the PBS for breast cancer in Australia. Cristina has been given a glimmer of hope with an immunotherapy trial being available to her if the tumour on her brain can be stabilised. The trial is at the Peter Mac Foundation in Melbourne which would mean a temporary move interstate bringing with it the cost of accommodation for the duration of the treatment.

Cris has had to leave her job and, although Spiros desperately wants to be by his wife’s side at this time, his income is now all they have. With bills to pay and two sons living at home Spiros feels helpless not being able to be there with her when she needs him most.

We are asking for your help to assist the family financially so they can concentrate on caring for and supporting Cristina. Funds raised will go towards out of pocket medical expenses which will amount to thousands as well as enabling Spiros to be by Cristina’s side, accompany her to Melbourne for treatment and pay for accommodation for the duration of the clinical trial.

Cris is a beautiful and incredibly brave lady who always manages a smile no matter what life hands her. There is no question she has been through a lot but she is nowhere near ready to quit.

Please get in the ring with us and help Cris fight round 4 so we can show her that no-one fights alone.

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