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Rising above depression anxiety and PTSD

Hi everyone I have started a GoFundMe page for mental health such as depression anxiety and PTSD. These forms of mental health have severely increase the suicide rate and a lot of people in general do not understand that it affects everyone differently and what works for some does not work for others. I have someone who I’d like to help who is suffering from all three of these. This person is shame to ask for help due to the fact that when they have they have always been turned away or belittled. After Consulting with therapist and medicine they found the best way to cook is to take TMS treatments. For those who don’t know what team is is it stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation and it is the use of magnets to help stimulate the brain cells to control their moods. The false triggers electric charges so the neurons become active. When taking TMS treatments is best to combine it with counseling to get the best results. This person has had TMS chickens before and it did very well however they didn’t receive the extra help to help them fight the illness. I want to help get them the help they need so they know that someone is always there and willing to help. The total cost of the TMS treatments are around $12,000 and normally take 3 months to complete. The first 9 weeks the patient will go every day for five days out of the week in the last 2 weeks they taper down to prepare for the stopping of treatments. This is a commitment and from what they have told me it does help. And set a goal for the price of $12,000 to cover the cost of TMS treatments since their insurance will cover the counseling that they need. I am hoping everyone can give what they can so we can make awareness to those who suffer that help is available and people care.

God Bless❤