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I finally had my diagnostic mammogram recently, and I am relieved to say, it came back clean! Now, to tackle the other issue- my 20-year-old breast implants are coming out of the pockets, and are starting to shift.

The pain is worse each day, to the point that no matter how I sit, lay down or anything else, it’s always there. After having consulted with different surgeons, they all told me the same thing- my implants are bottoming out. I now wear a sports bra over my regular bras hoping that it may help somehow lessen the pain- and yet it is getting more painful each day.

Being an athlete, surgery is NOT what I want at all- the downtime and the recovery will mean no training for me- taking away the things I love and need to do most, are the hardest things for me to deal with mentally.

This is a bitter pill to swallow, especially since I battle recurring depression and anxiety…while I do not usually bring up my depression, it is something I have been struggling with for many years, trying my best to avoid the “blackness.”

This is hard, humiliating, and humbling for me to put this all out there for anyone to see, and ask for help- something I am not good with;  but there comes a time when everyone needs help at some point in their life. This just happens to be mine.

I also want everyone to understand that this is not a vanity issue, but a real health concern…yes, it is painful, but the longer they are there, the worse my physical, as well as my mental health, becomes.

Thank you for reading my story.

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