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Care4u Group inc. seeking donations to help the homeless to get them off the streets and help kids that are struggling with learning. We can offer the kids one on one tutoring. Lots of kids struggle among other kids and sometimes the solution is to give that special attention to that one child that can focus better one on one. We need help for struggling moms that have it hard to provide baby milk, pampers, food and necessities for there baby or children. We need donations to help some of the homeless that wants help to get off the street and some just needs direction, help to guide them in the right place and also resources. We seeking holiday gifts for kids that always miss out on Christmas day. Care4u Group Knows how it feels for kids to miss out on getting Christmas gifts like everyone else. kids should not have to sufferer in silence. We are asking for donations to put aside in an education fund funds to help low income family. Any and all donations are gratefully appreciated. Please check out our gofundme page.

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