Relive again

Care4u Group inc. seeking donations to help the homeless to get them off the streets and help kids that are struggling with learning. We can offer the kids one on one tutoring. Lots of kids struggle among other kids and sometimes the solution is to give that special attention to that one child that can […]


The Hay House Ministry is a ministry vision to provide an open space, particularly for ministers, missionaries and their families at risk of burn out – but open to anyone in need – to stay and rest, be restored, be encouraged, receive pastoral care, and reconnect with God. In addition to Joe & Laurie’s ongoing […]


Please see actual description. Shorten version: A-List Party Rentals, A-List Party Central, along with many other mom-and-pop organizations have been out of business. While we are actively playing our part in the process, after exhausting all resources, we have now realized that there is no real help accessible to us. We either liquidize and lose […]

Corona Virus Mobile Fundrasing Game

My name is Charlie and I have worked as an event coordinator for over 20 years in New York City. Working in the entertainment space this business thrives on the attendance of large gatherings. Unfortunately, due to this pandemic and the emphasis of social distancing my line of work is in jeopardy of not resuming […]


A global opportunity to find work

Tropical Storm Help El Salvador

POR FAVOR AYUDA EL Salvador se enfrenta a la tormenta tropical masiva Amanda, durante el apogeo de la crisis COVID-19, Nuestra comunidad necesita Urgentemente ayuda internacional, todos los ingresos se canalizan directamente hacia comunidades y familias de alto riesgo que literalmente perdieron todo. Ayudemos a quienes más lo necesitan!Please PLEASE HELP EL Salvador, they where […]

Covid 19 relief for Self Employed friends

I want to provide help for Covid19 relief in benefut of my Self employed friends

In danger of losing home

I’m not really sure how to go about this, I need to help my family. So I have made a GoFundMe page with hopes that I can provide for my family. Even if it’s work, I’ll do all and whatever I can to take care of them

Depressive Malaysian LGBT Community Situation / GoGetFunding

-Help A Depressed Gay Muslim- Good day to all of you kind hearts, Have you ever wondered why gay men have to have the pride month? How would it be if the other way round with straights guys? I have been asking myself the same thing over and over. I have not been influenced by […]

Long Beach Arts and Hospitality Relief Fund

Long Beach Arts and Hospitality Relief Fund

The devastation from the spread of COVID-19 has been unimaginable. Long Beach has a small but thriving artists and hospitality community. We are creative artists and hospitality workers – from food servers, to cooks, delivery drivers and housekeepers, to local event creators, community performers, and street vendors. Like many, our lives have been hit hard […]