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Rashelle Blue Orphanage Tour-AFRICA GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Hi guys, my name is Rachel “Rashelle Blue” Arhin and my campaign is for a music tour throughout Africa, where I would love to visit and perform at orphanages. My aim is to give kids, who not only live in poor conditions and poverty, but are also without a mother or father, some of my love. And the best way I know to do that is through my music.

Music being more than a passion for me, I have been an aspiring singer for as long as I can remember. My aim has been to establish myself in the music industry, and I can say that although I have achieved quite a bit, that I still have a long way to go. The reason I believe I can have a loving impact on the kids of Africa to strive hard and to follow their dreams, is because for one, I am of African background myself (my parents are both Ghanaian). Furthermore, my music style is a merge between RnB/Pop and Afropop (African Style Genre). Should I be able to go on this tour, I will ensure that a new single, which I dedicate to children believing in themselves and finding their happiness no matter their circumstances, is the highlight of my performances.

Often, aspiring and upcoming artists seek the attention of music executives and individuals who can help give them that big break. That, of course, should be the case, in order to prosper and get to your destination. But many times we forget to seek the attention of those I believe to be the most important individuals in ones career- our audience, our fans, people who survive with our music, who dance to it, sing along, and who make it through happy and tough times with it. I want to be able to say that I not only lived for my music, but that I also lived for the ones who enjoy my music.

The funds will be used for

1) travel expenses/flight tickets. I am based in the UK and aim to visit at least 15 orphanages throughout Africa.
2) Accommodation during my touring in the various different countries.
3) Studio session to record my new single dedicated to the kids.
4) Camera Crew to capture the experience
5) Gifts for the kids (Stationery for their education, toys and/or clothing)
6) Support team (management/PAs)

I would love to proceed with the planning of this tour as soon as possible, although I do not have a set deadline. Once the funds become available to me, I will begin scheduling dates and finalizing with various orphanages.

This support would mean the world to me, as you will be helping me help others. The love I have for children is unconditional and seeing them struggle throughout the world breaks my heart every day. There are many more terrifying things happening to kids in this world, but I would like to have a starting point and cater to the ones who feel a void when it comes to feeling the love and affection of a parent. I have been blessed with a mother and father, who love me and my 8 siblings dearly, and although we never really had much, the love we received has no price. So I can’t imagine what it feels like not to have that.

Receiving the support from you will give me hope that good still exists in this world, that people still believe in supporting one another, as opposed to envying or simply being disinterested in another’s journey. And most importantly, that it is very possible to make the world a better place with projects like this. It will also give me the reassurance that people believe in the creative arts being able to make a change.