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Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge is a retirement home, orphanage and care centre for working equines in the foothills of the Atlas near Marrakech.

Peter was admitted severely disabled but having lived 2 years with a broken leg. Each day he walked 2 kms into the town of Tameslohte to the animal food merchant who gave him a bowl of bran and a bowl of grain. He would the return 2 kms to his friend who lived on a farm. His friend has also been admitted to the Refuge with him as he refused to leave her.

We were asked to take him because children were not only throwing stones at him but also trying to ride him. Normally, would euthanise an equine with a broken leg but this case is different. He has survived for 2 years and deserves a life. Here you can see Peter as he was admitted to the Refuge.
Jarjeer immediately contacted veterinary surgeons both in Morocco and internationally. Understandably most European vets advised euthanasia but something about Peter spurred us on to find a solution. We took him to Dr Lamrani in Marrakech who has performed surgery for us before with great skill. Having studied the x-rays he believes it possible to operate to re-break the leg and re-align the joint. Dr Lamrani has some of the most sophisticated equipment available and certainly has the skill to perform this operation but his surgery is too small to operate on equines.

So we are embarking on an ambitious programme to help Peter!
We are building an operating facility here at Jarjeer and are hoping to raise enough funds to employ another member of staff dedicated to Peter’s care for 6 months day and night plus a pool for his rehabilitation. This is an ambitious project that cannot be met out of normal running costs, we have 54 rescued equines to care for. We are passionate about giving Peter a normal life but equally passionate about building a facility for other donkeys in the future. Visit our facebook page and join us every Tuesday at 11 am where we will be updating live! You can also catch up on this weeks broadcast where you can hear the whole story!

Visit our facebook page by clicking this link.

£10,000 is a lot of money in todays world where there are so many needy causes. I want everyone to know that the work we do here at Jarjeer is not just about saving animals but caring about our environment, building communities and developing inter-dependant links between people and their working animals where both are treated with respect and dignity. We cannot change the world but for every animal and human that we can help means their world is changed for the better. Please consider making a one off donation, however small and please share this page with your colleagues, friends and family.

Thank you for reading our story.

We will call the new facility “PETER’S CLINIC”.