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Puggles’ Cancer Surgery/Chemo GoFundMe FREE GoFundME Viral Promo

Puggles was diagnosed with anal gland cancer on Monday. Her surgery is scheduled for this Monday, as this is a very aggressive form of cancer. Because she is so healthy in all other areas, her vet, oncologist, and surgeon say surgery is the right option for her. Her life could be considerably extended. Without the surgery, she will likely be in pain and gone in 4-6 months. My Dad, who just passed in January, bought Puggles for me. I would be devastated to lose them both in the same year.

I have spent many hours this week applying for grant assistance or calling dog-related companies for help. I have been denied, as the funding for 2016 has already been allocated.

Several Puggle clubs I am a member of have asked me to set up this page so that they could help in some way.

Any help will be greatly appreciated in saving the love of my life, my sunshine, Ms. Puggles