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Hi everyone and thank you for coming to my GoFundMe page.
Many of you know that I have been a ham/amateur radio operator for many years and train to help communities during emergency situations. My gear is getting old and unfortunately not up to an emergency like Puerto Rico, therefore I need new gear to head down there.
Why? becuase when all else fails in communications, we ham radio ops are the only ones who can communicate long distances. You may have seen the news yesterday and today that the Red Cross sent 50 ham radio ops to PR to help. While you may have seen me talking badly about FEMA and that I quit their roster, I am now with another group, and hopefully departing in a week or so.
The idea is simple, we setup in a town where there is no cell phone access and 1×1 we have some one talk to a loved one in the US or elsewhere. Also we take messages that we send via digital comms (modern day telegraph).

At this moment I can’t buy the gear as I did years ago so I need your help! And Puerto Rico needs your help. While the gear totals around $2900, I am asking for $4000 as there are always incidentals such as shipping, water protection bags, cables, etc. I also did ot add an iPad there which would benefit me by not having to take my laptop. Remember I am going in fatigues with medics and the alike to places that right now are in horrible conditions. But the reward of seeing someone talk to a loved one is one amazing feeling.

The only thing I can offer back is images of some of those faces, yes of course I will have my camera with me. Want to buy me a new one too? OK only half kidding as that is more than I am asking here 😉

Below are the items I need with links to where you can see them. If you wish to donate one directly, please that would be amazing. And of course this is URGENT as I am scheduled to leave on Thursday, and hopefully won’t be postponed. Also remember that these items will be used in future emergencies as well, not only in the US but around the world.

And lastly please go check http://teamrubicon.com and find a way to support them. They are an amazing organization! One that if I could join fulltime, I would in a second!

THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! any amount helps!