Promoting Your GoFundMe Fundraiser Online: Proven Strategies That Work

Promoting Your GoFundMe Fundraiser Online: Proven Strategies That Work

Online sharing is the heart of crowdfunding. Even if you’re a social media pro, there are specific strategies for crowdfunding that can maximize your efforts. Start by sending your fundraising letter to family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, then spread your message as widely as possible. Here are some best practices to help your fundraiser reach more potential donors.

What’s the Best Way to Advertise and Promote Your GoFundMe Page?

Start a Fundraiser

It all starts with your title, photo, and description Your featured photo is the first thing that grabs attention, followed by the title and the first sentence of your description. If these three elements are compelling, viewers might share your fundraiser before even visiting the page. Make sure your fundraising page seals the deal for both donations and shares.

  • Title, Photo, Description: Use our resources to find great ideas for naming your fundraiser, selecting inspiring images, and creating a fundraising video.
  • Review Your Story: Look at it as if it were someone else’s fundraiser. Ask yourself what parts would inspire you to donate and share. Refine and strengthen these sections.

How to Get GoFundMe Donations: A Comprehensive Guide

Inspire Others to Share with Updates

Keep sharing updates Sharing updates on your fundraiser page and social media is crucial. Regular updates inspire supporters to reshare, widening your reach.

  • Engage with Updates: Show how prior donations have helped, include photos or videos of events, and share stories of supporters. Highlight both positive progress and ongoing needs.

Best Practices for Social Media Promotion

Keep it brief and engaging Attention spans are short on social media. Keep messages concise and always ask people to share your fundraiser.

  • Custom Hashtags: Create a unique hashtag for your fundraiser and use it alongside established hashtags for broader events. This boosts exposure to like-minded people and those looking to help.
  • Dedicated Facebook Page: For ongoing needs, create a dedicated Facebook page. Explore our tips on using Facebook and Twitter for fundraising.

Promote Your Fundraiser with Our Tools

Utilize sharing tools Promoting your fundraiser online is easy with our built-in tools:

  • Social Media Buttons: Use Facebook or Twitter share buttons on your fundraiser page.
  • Embeddable Widget: Add it to your website or blog.
  • Subscribe to Updates: Encourage supporters to sign up for automatic updates.
  • Fundraiser URL: Share your page URL in your email signature and blog.

Attract Media Coverage

Get media attention Invite journalists and local media to cover your cause. Start with a compelling press release and follow our tips for getting local media coverage. GoFundMe Complete Beginners Guide: How To Set Up A Campaign

  • Press Releases: Craft a brief, thorough press release and share it via email and social media. Include contact details and a link to your fundraiser.
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More Sharing Means More Donations

Frequent updates lead to more donations We see it time and time again—the more updates people post, the more money they raise. Share updates at least once a week to reach new people and keep supporters engaged.

Successful Fundraisers

These fundraisers demonstrated the power of sharing, each exceeding $100,000 in donations:

For more tips on offline sharing, read our guide on Online Fundraising Without Social Media and How to Do GoFundMe & Actually Get Donations.

Ready to Start Sharing?

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Best of luck with your fundraising! If you have any specific questions, let us know in the comments, and we’ll do our best to help.

8 GoFundMe Tips to Raise More Cash Have a great day! 🌟

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