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Portraying Your Story is only half the picture… Getting people to understand you, is another quarter, and the remainder is for you to understand the rest.

Within this campaign we are trying to build a new opportunity to establish service, compensation and groundbreaking multimedia to develop a relationship with the public as well as with the ideas or exceptionality and core beliefs held true by it’s founder.

We need your help in advancing these goals into reality.

Every donation of $37-$200 will help us become closer towards making this happen.

Within this story, we provide you a look at what it is to look at a deep perspective and life of understand filmmaker, Gregory Kemmis, but also how much your attention means to him and to other people.

He provides you an inside look at life, ranging from biographies, to how to keep strong and motivated through fictional and nonfictional experience and how media and music can become an asset for your lifetime.

Please donate $37-$50 if you are interested in 1-5 hours of content and are 14-17 or 70+.
You may donate at a discount rate of $100 even for 5-12 hours of film if applicable.

If you are 18-69, Please donate $100 for 1-5.5 hours of content. And $200 for 5.5-12 hours of content.

Each documentary is 5.5 hours on YouTube.
No viewers under 14 please.

All music donations are welcomed by any ages, are appreciated through my upcoming website, or up to $10 increments.

If you wish to provide any amounts in excess of these amounts, please note it is to further advance the growth of all of the fundraising goals, or any other updates provided by the artist.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Gregory Kemmis