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June asked me to write this:

It was supposed to be the move of a lifetime to retire together and spend family time enjoying the rest of their lives. They wanted to be able to spend time with their daughter, her family, the granddaughters and the GREAT grandkids and Ted to be able to finally retire.

We all take for granted jumping into the car to go for a ride, or running to the store for milk, to the pharmacy to pick up medications or even to be able to get to the doctor for care. For Ted & June, these simple tasks are impossible without transportation of their own. They are truly house-bound and held prisoner in their own home, which was supposed to be part of their beautiful retirement life.

22962830_fb_1502635121.4323_funddescription.jpgWith their love for the outdoors and most specifically bird watching, they moved to a small town, in north central Maine with private lake access and most importantly quiet and tranquility. This house is half way between the Granddaughters and GREAT grandkids. The perfect spot to travel to family and enjoy nature.

22962830_1502634725.4688_funddescription.jpgThen reality hit and they found that retirement was not going to be without some things having to be eliminated. One thing that had to be eliminated immediately was the high car payment for their much-loved Jeep Wrangler. After a very hard heart-breaking decision, they voluntarily returned the Jeep to the Bank. The decision was so very hard as they loved the Jeep but it was going to start needing repairs that without extra income would be impossible to handle along with the car payment and other household and medical bills.

So this brings us to why I have set this up. A suggestion was made by a long-lost but always loving cousin who said that making up a go fund me campaign to begin being blessed with funds for the transportation necessary to bird watch and live their lives with the ability to drive to be with family was a good idea.

We all know how important nature and animals are to Ted and June. One of the reasons they moved to this house was the private lake front that they should be able to enjoy, as seen in the picture below, but with June’s limited walking ability and chronic fatigue, she cannot walk that far and even if she was able to walk down, Ted fears she will not have the energy or ability to get back to the house and he would have to call 911 to get her home.

22962830_1502543382.6939_funddescription.jpgAfter the Jeep was returned, they have been unable to find a way to get their Maine drivers licenses so they could rent a car in order to go find a vehicle of their own. So, part of this campaign will be used to take an Uber trip up to Bangor, 1/2 hour away in order to change their licenses and get a rental car. Hopefully they will have enough before they go to put a nice down payment on a car and leave a managable balance with a small payment.

So, please if you can find it in your heart to help them, no matter how small, all donations will be greatly and blessedly accepted and appreciated. It is starting to turn from summer to fall in north central Maine and not having transportation to go to the store, pick up medication or go to the doctor is an immediate need.

They have shared with me that when they are back on their feet they will be paying forward every single donation, either through a local animal shelter or the State of Maine run Heron Observation Organization. Both of which are dear to their hearts.