Powder River Pies

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Howdy. First off I’m not a baker. Just a guy who likes pie. I started out selling one pie-the Pecan. Its so GOOD, my ex said the best thing about getting away from me is she lost 40lbs.

Today I have over 40 pies – 10″,4″, Fried Pies and diabetic to match. All home made from scratch. I was active in 3 different Farmers Markets. I had to shut down for family reasons.

My ex needed me to move a couple of hours away from my markets. Medical emergency and that’s expensive. That’s why I am doing this campaign.

She Called I Came. That’s what you do. Now I am not asking for much but enough to secure a kitchen space. I have all the equipment and such. I am not starting from scratch.

I can be up, running, and selling in 2 weeks. So Im not asking for a hand out but a leg up. The Market Manager is excited to have me back. Sales means revenues, revenues means I am working and helping my family. Medical bills add up.

Thank you for stopping reading this. I’ll do right by your donation, help me to RELEASE THE AWESOME POWER OF PIE.

Thanks so much for reading this. Kirk “The Pieman” Pitman

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