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Politicus: political and economic simulation game

What is Politicus?

Politicus is an advanced and innovative political simulation game. The player will take on the role of the head of government of a real-life country of their choice and has one term to make changes to almost every aspect of the country, such as health, education, economy, law and more. Every change has a certain impact on the state of the country as well as the player’s support among numerous voter groups. The player will rely on the support of these voter groups to win elections and stay in power, which will allow him or her to fulfil their vision of a perfect society, be it a classless communist state or a libertarian paradise. Our innovative voting system allows for an immersive and realistic simulation of the joys and annoyances of governance. The advanced economic system will ensure that the player’s vision is grounded with financial constraints. Numerous other features, such as the existence of corruption make the game challenging and fun to play. Players must win support among many different voter groups, make political deals with their rivals, secure party funding and much, much more. The player will be able to change almost everything about their country through a number of ministries (hover over the icons on the right to see just some of the areas of government). Each ministry is responsible for a certain aspect of the country and will giver the player many possible solutions to very important matters, such as the foreign policy, welfare, health and much more.

The choices made by the players will follow them all the way to the ballot box, as each choice has certain political consequences. For example, improving public services will surely be welcomed by the poor, socialists and a large part of the population, but the upper and middle class voters will be not be contempt with the increased tax burden. The player must balance between different voter groups and reach a consensus that most of the voters will accept in order to get reelected. Almost every choice the player makes has some sort of effect on the voters, the country or both. The advanced simulation system in Politicus aims to recreate the real-life effects of most decisions through the use of real data and statistics, making it the most advanced political simulation yet. By making the right choices for the people the player can improve their country and win the next election…or end up jobless.

Apart from creating a very entertaining game we aim to create the realistic political simulator that could be applied throughout many many education institutions in the United Kingdom and the world.

What We Need

Politicus was made by a small team of two people. All of the systems used in the game are already finished, as well as a sizeable chunk of software development. The funds that we gain through crowdfunding will be spend on an additional programmer and better graphics. With these resources we will be able to complete the game in early 2017.

Why Politicus?

Politicus will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for gamers, especially fans of simulation games, while still being an accurate political and economical model that can be used for educational purposes. We believe in creating a game that is not only accessible and fun to play, but will also educate players about the power of their political system, the diversity of views and methods of solving problems, as well as the essence of democracy.

How can you help?

We will be eternally grateful if you could contribute, but if that is not possible then please spread the word about our game and campaign.

Thank you for your attention!