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Hi my name is Paul Pugliesi but everyone knows me as “PLUEY” I am a pro surfer from Oceanside, CA. I have

become one of the great underground surfers in the California surf sceen and international surf scene. In 2015

I was honored to be recognized by the Mayor of Oceanside, CA for my surfing achievements,

I also rejoined the World Surf League – The global home of surfing, after a brief hiatus.

In 2016 I had a very successful and yet at times grueling year. It was very rewarding to be professionally

surfing and traveling the globe on the WSL/ WQS . I traveled to events throughout Australia, Israel, Taiwan,
Costa Rica, Morocco, Acapulco and France. When I was home for short periods I also competed at events held
in Southern California close to home .

I finished in the mid 300’s, out of 1200 competitors on the very competitive WSL/ WQS TOUR. I had an amazing year surfing and closing out 2016 after starting from the ground up with no points! This allowed me to

confidently walk into 2017.

2017 began with a challenge tugging at my two greatest passions, professional surfing and fatherhood. My son was born early March and had to make without hesitation, the decision to be there and help care for him in his early months .

As I look back, I would still make the same decision. However I am humbly admitting it has set me back in many ways.
Finances have allowed me to do local events close to home, here in Southern California.

I do want to acknowledge with much gratitude the companies/sponsors for their continued support.To BE able to do not only something I luv bit the 1 thing I’m truly passionate about

This year 2017, has allowed me the time to look inward and focus on personal growth. I continue to re-gain positive perspective and ambition staying focused with a healthy attitude. I can be found in the gym 3-5 days a week, with my personal trainer.
He helps keep me conditioned to maintain in surfing shape. I am consistent with a healthy eating regiment at home. I am a positive person even when events don’t go as I hoped for. It is a learning game and I still learn something new every day.

Being a professional surfer is my career but I see it more of a lifestyle. I started surfing at age 12.
My love and passion for surfing is unconditional and I hope all the experience I have gained as a pro surfer can benefit the new generation.
I have the opportunity to coach youths in my “local” area, hopefully building confidence by improving surfing skills teaching them the proper safety and technical skills as well.
My coaching goal is to give
back what I received from my mentors, and instill confidence in them to be successful surfers.

My goal for 2018- tour starts Jan 1
2018,And it Is to be a representative to my fullest ability to help the companies that sponsor me. My greatest request is to have the funds I need to compete in several events throughout the year

I have spent most of my life in the surfing industry, and still have the competitive edge that burns and to

continue to advance myself and also give back to my incredible sponsors,and fans  by doing what I do best and that is to surf, surf, and surf! Surfing was my first love at the age of 12 when I caught my first wave, I have been free surfing and competing as much as possible ever since!

I have a decent seeding for 2018. I’m more fired up and ready to get back to where I belong PROfessionally

I want to give it one last shot on tour, to get the points I need and make my COMEBACK!
I am also working part time as well to help keep the dream alive .I know nothing comes for free and I’m a fighter and go getter and will continue to do so .

So I hope with your support and my skills, I can continue on this journey..

Thank you for your time and continued support,