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Hello, my name is Ricky Fears. Last year was my first year in college at Univeristy of Alabama at Birmingham. I always thought that getting into college would be the hardest part, however, it seems like the hardest thing is paying for it. At the end of my first semester I had to take multipe loans to cover tuition for the fall. Second semester is over and school starts back at the end of August and I still owe expenses. At this point I am not even able to register for classes or even recieve my grades. I go to school out of state, so tuition is extremely high and me and my family cannot afford to keep me in.
I usually do not ask for help from anyone, but I really enjoy going to college and I would love to continue my years there. I would love to be able to say in four years that I completed college and be able to help my family. My mother takes care of myself and three other people. Recently, my great grandmother passed and this brought even more strain on not only my family but also our finances. My mother is also constantly in and out of hospital with her own problems and can barely afford to even help me pay for tuition. I have my own job but will never be able to afford staying in school on my own off of minimum wage.
I truly appreciate any help that you guys can give me and hopefully I will be able to go back to school this fall.