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Due to a financial domino effect of different factors throughout the last few years (including my inability to help out as much as I used to due to having little to no work assignments available), my elderly parents are now scheduled to lose their home in a mortgage auction on Friday, February 1, 2019.  I apologize for the short notice of this news, but we spent quite a bit of time seeking other solutions to save the home, but in the end there only appears to be one way…

The lender informed us that the only way to save the home (aside from paying the overall total loan amount, which currently isn’t feasible) is to pay the combination of the past due amount and the lender’s legal fees to reinstate the current mortgage.  While the official due date for this is Thursday, January 31st, it would be best not to leave it to the very last day as the money may or may not get to the foreclosure department in time.

As for how we’d be able to pay the monthly mortgage fee going forward: We just recently found out about the county’s In-Home Supportive Services program of which my elderly parents would apply and if approved, would then appoint me as their official paid caregiver (most of the stated responsibilities are things I’ve already been doing for my parents the last two years, even having done some of those responsibilities even longer than that since my parents’ heart operations a decade ago).  So even if my regular job situation somehow doesn’t improve, the monthly mortgage payment will still be made.

Thank you all very much for your help and understanding.