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Hi there, as a lot of you may know 2017 hasn’t been my year. I got laid off from a job I loved in February. With the layoff I had gotten pretty behind on some of my bills. Well I just made an agreement with my car company. I’m going to pay them 650 bucks a month for the next 4 months to catch up. It was going to be hard but I was going to work my full time job for my normal bills and drive for uber and postmates to catch up on my car. Well yesterday I made a mistake at work, one that recruiters make all the time. I tried to get a hold of someone to end their assignment and the number was invalid. When he showed up at work the next day the client got upset and my company of all of 6 weeks fired me. I can use uber and postmates to stay afloat until I find a better suited career but I can’t do that and pay all that money on my car to catch up on my car. Please do what you can to help me not lose my car and my livelihood.