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Please Help Disabled Veteran With Accessible Home! GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

David received a traumatic brain injury while serving in the Navy, & now suffers from seizures, blackouts, tremors, & severe headaches.

He was stationed aboard a destroyer on a mission in the Caribbean Sea in October 1995, when their ship went through a hurricane. They were being tossed around quite violently, and as David went down a ladder to get off deck, a pin that holds the ladder in place came out causing both the ladder and him to fall several feet to the second deck. He was found unconscious and taken to sickbay. It was discovered that his right hand was broken in several places and, he had a large bump on his head. His hand was splinted but his head injury was not thought serious enough to warrant attention. A little less than two months had gone by when he had a massive seizure and was flown by helicopter to a naval hospital. After numerous seizures and tests, it was discovered that his brain had been injured when he fell, and a blood vessel was leaking, and a large blood clot had formed. It was dissolved by medication but by this time permanent damage had been done, He continued having seizures. Because of his weakened condition he developed pneumonia and a very high fever. Due to the extreme high temperature further brain damage was done. After six months in the naval hospital, David was given a medical discharge and a small pension.

Recently, David’s headaches have increased and the first week in June 2019 he had a mini-stroke, doctors warn that if he doesn’t get out in the fresh air and walk, he may have a major stroke or heart attack. At present we live in a mobile home, in a trailer park, with no safe place to walk.

For 15 years, David had a four-legged guardian angel who had the uncanny ability to let him know ahead of time if he was about to have a seizure. She has since passed over the Rainbow Bridge to claim her wings, so now David no longer knows ahead of time that he is going to have a seizure, and sometimes falls and gets injured.

I started a GoFundMe in hopes there are some Angels out there that can help, if so please click on link

Please anything would be appreciated!