Please Help a Friend Move to Redding

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I have a friend named Alli who lives down in southern California with her Dad. She moved there is March 2020 from the midwest with all these hopes and dreams of getting a nice job there but 1 week after arriving America got shut down and majority of the world got orders to stay at home until further notice.

She tried once the orders were lifted to get a job but with the economy crashed in that county and as hard as she has tried there is no work to be found.

To top all that during the last 6 months her Dad got notice that his deceased wife's sibling who owns the home (per court order) that they live in is planning to evict them.

But a little glimmer of hope on the horizon. She found a job in fact she found several companies wanting to hire her...problem they are all in Redding, Ca area.

So I am putting this request out there to try to raise funds for Alli so she can get up to Redding area and have first months rent and deposit for her new place in Redding area.

Please help, I know she is not the only person hurting right now financially but even a lot of a little goes a long way.