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Origin Of Destiny: Crimson Awakening FREE IndieGoGo Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Origin of Destiny is a Free2Play RPG Game designed and developed by CloudTheWolf Games!

About Origin Of Destiny

One upon a time… about 4 years ago, I woke up to see that RPG Maker was on sale, I thought to myself “This could be a fun project” so went ahead a got it, After installing it I created a game (Called Project Omega) and started to mess around with the engine. But that soon changed!

I then decided to make a short game and look to release it on the RPG Maker Forums, and for a while that was the plan, but then everything changed, the story got bigger and I wanted to take it further. I wanted to make it stand out.

So this is what I did next:

– Spend money on a Steam Greenlight Licence
– Get a new character design for the main character (Twice! xD)
– Select music that would draw players into the world
– Look for voice actors

And now I’m ready to go even further! I have the music, I have voice actors, and the game is in Early Access! But now I want to bring in you, the player!