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I’m starting a GoFundMe for a dear friend of mine who is a huge dog lover.She moved to Syracuse NY about 6 years ago. One year after she moved to NY she found herself in a hospital with septicemia ended up having emergency surgery and was in a coma for several weeks and almost-dying she Found herself riddled with a New health complications but She never took her focus off the dogs she had rescued.

Over the past 5 years she has fought to stay alive and I believe the dogs were her therapy. But because of the numerous medical condition she is been uable to work. She filed bankruptcy to keep from losing her house due to back Texas. And just Six months ago managed to get on medical disability. She Gets enough money to feed the dogs and take care or there needs with enough to barley get by. But now facing losing her house October 21 2018 if she can’t come up with 34thousand dollars to pay her back taxes. No one wants to be homeless…. but her concern is for the dogs what will happen to her babies.I know 34thousand dollars is a lot.but a dollar or 5 or 10 from several donors could make it possible I’ve seen it happen and I believe there are still good hearted people out there that truly care The hard part about the timing of everything is that she has an appointment August 21 in Brooklyn with a new dr that is supposed remove her pancreas so if she is out of commission for 30 days or more she will lose everything house dogs and medical disability.Please help if you can spare anything it will make a difference to her Natalie and the dogs.Jasper skunk Missy jewels bear hardly Callie tip Hula and stanly.

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