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Nick and Aubrey are beautiful people, loving, kind, funny – just beautiful. They are in love! Nick is a military hereo serving all over the world including fighting for all of us in Iraq. Aubrey is a sweet girl, with a tough past… abandoned by her father and raised by her mother. Recently they became engaged and set a date for April 22, 2018. But as military goes, Nick (with Aubrey), were taken from their homes in California to North Carolina. This summer they hit an incredibly unexpected financial burden which wiped them out. They had planned to fly back to California to their families & friends for a wedding and were very excited, (as were the cute flower girls, family & friends). But now it seems like their current situation will make this impossible. Nick and Aubrey are very deserving and wonderful people – serving our country and being the happy funny couple that makes this world a better place. We don’t want them to miss out on their special day. They need help with wedding expenses and with the flights to California. If you could help, it would be a great thing…. a great way to pay it forward and help them to have the celebration that they both deserve.