New life for Jenn and her baby

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This is a single mother of a brand new baby boy. Being a single parent is a challenging journey. I’ve discovered that the majority of women end up parenting their children without the support of the father. I see it everyday in my line of work. New mothers without the support of family or friends cannot get very far from the place they started. This woman has been through a thousand circumstances that have created a web of obstacles. She was willing to tell her whole story. And my heart can’t stand the thought of her having to expose her entire life just to get a little help from her human family. I just want this determined woman to have the boost she needs to break through from many chains that have held her down financially. When we see someone holding a ” Will work for money sign” , some of us stop and hand them a dollar, a water, a bag of chips. Some of us stop and listen to what they have to say. Some of us question their sincerity and what they will really do with this money. But if the Holy Spirit or our good conscience tells us to give, it isn’t our place to question why. What matters is the state of our own hearts. Though this woman is very willing to share her ENTIRE story, I feel she deserves the respect to not have to do that. Some of you have already given of your time to this woman and her baby and I thank you and so does she. She needs to not be forgotton and left behind. Please help her get a new start. She is eager to raise this little one with much love and oppurtunity.