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I feel awful creating this account and posting this. I’ve always been a very proud person and have found ways to take care of not only my own problems, but those of others as well. But right now, I’m in a very urgent situation, in which I have to find and land a new apartment by September 1st.

My slumlord landlady has been on a campaign to find ways to get rid of long-term tenants so she can remodel and bring in new tenants that she can charge a lot more for rent. She has done this with a handful of tenants already. In my case, after over 5 years of paying rent on time, she finally got her chance while I was hospitalized for heart issues during rent time. Over the past number of years, I have been hit with and survived cancer and chemotherapy, mild heart attack, double bypass open heart surgery, recovery, kidney disease and kidney failure, and diabetes. All this despite a young age and without being obese. I’ve gotten occasional chest pains since the surgery. I informed the ladlady of the situation. She knew I had a lot of risky health issues over the years. But this time she moved right in for the kill while I was still in the hospital and started eviction. I came home to find eviction papers had already been processed and served.

My roommate and I were given till the last day of this August to move out. I am on disability pay. I do also run a party / event entertainment business on the side, but that business has been very slow this year for some reason. So, I am really in a struggle. Any place I move into will require one month’s rent and a depsit worth a second month’s rent. With the way things are going for me right now, it doesn’t look like I can even come close to being able to afford that at the moment. But I have no choice.

It looks like I am being faced with homelessness and being out on the street come the end of the month. This also will mean I will not be able to properly run my business, either, so it does not look at all hopeful for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated and can be returned one way or another. My company can provide entertainment for you at a future date if you’d like. Either way, thank you very much for your time.