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Where to begin…
Well, as I was giving rent to the Landlord this month, he suddenly informed me he was selling the converted home I have an apartment in. Something I didn’t know he was doing at all. And the people he is selling to wants everyone out so they can just turn the apartments into one house again. We had been living here for seven years. Paying each and every month of rent, and now expected to just magically move.

Me and my fella both are disabled, and on Disability. This means we get less than minimum wage in money each month so there is no savings. Even if we could do this, we could only save so much because if our bank accounts have too much money, we lose our benefits. So we have no money for a security deposit, movers, or possibly things to make my life more pain/stress free. Like a new bed or a portable clothes washer.

I also need to try to find a place on a first floor, and willing to take in cats. I am already severely depressed about leaving behind cats I feed outdoors that I have befriended, and I need to keep my actual cats as companion animals. My disability affects my immune system, and has left me with nerve damage, back issues, and other random pains. My CIDP can use my immune system to shut down my whole body any time it is used, so I am mostly a shut in anymore. Save the things I have to do like groceries and doctor’s appointments.

The amount I’m asking feels like a lot, Even to me, but apparently first of all, this site will be taking 2.9% overall, and thirty cents per donation made. So it says in the sign up. A LOT of places are for students, and so we have to jump on one that isn’t when we find it. Some are asking for 2 months for security, and some others for pet fees. We will need the help of movers, and maybe things to ease my day to day issues. Such as a new bed, or a portable clothes washer if I have no choice but to take a 2nd floor apartment. My nerve damage issues make stares painful, and my legs require more effort to go up or down them as they feel so much heavier than they are. Ideally, if we can get enough money, I would love to get a sci-fit machine to help me work on this, but more pressing things first.

First and for most, thank you for taking the time to read this. It was hard to write this out, and ask people for money. Second, if you donate anything, I am so very grateful and thankful. Thank you! With your help, you are changing lives.

Once again, thank you, and have a great day!